I survived Medium’s Partner purge… now what?

Kristina Petrick
2 min readMar 17, 2022

I have over 100 followers now, thanks for the push

While Medium actually announced their new requirement of a 100 follower minimum for their Partner Program back in 2021, many users (like myself) weren’t aware until that announcements were made via email just a few weeks back.

With a subject like “Notice of potential removal from Medium’s Partner Program” – it was hard to miss.

Scrambling to meet the requirements in the few days I had left for the deadline, I opted for a sort of gimmicky technique – following as many accounts as I could in hopes for some new friends willing to return the favor.

Well, I’m still here. Scraping by with 100 followers (on the dot) the day of the cut off. But now what?

Medium’s Partner Program purge made me realize one important thing, with a little fire at your back, the platform has a lot of potential to grow – and quickly.

In just a matter of a few days, I increased my follower account by around 60 users.

Not bad for a small effort of frantic endeavors. Even more promising, my followers weren’t the only thing that blossomed.

My views, reads and fans all spiked as time my efforts on Medium increased.

If goal is to turn Medium into a consistent stream of revenue in 2022, I strongly encourage you to be a bit more active in the community. Like some posts. Follow some good writers in your niche. And keep writing.

A sucker for an upswing, I’ve also managed to stay more consistent writing since the ultimate threat of removal from the Partner Program. You’ve gotta ride the high tides – right?

After all, I’ve made my first dollar on Medium – and it’s all gravy from there.

To all my fellow new writers, now that you’ve survived the purge (congratulations), what do you plan to do with your second chance?

Kristina Petrick

I’ve worked in fashion marketing, e-commerce and digital strategy for the past 10 years. Started a blog. Love to write. Still doing all of the above.